Star Trek Online: Incursion Takes Flight on September 12th for PC

Star Trek Online: Incursion Takes Flight on September 12th for PC

Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios have announced that Star Trek Online on PC will receive Incursion, its 30th seasonal update, on September 12th. The MMORPG’s content expansion will find Starbase One under attack from a new type of Borg threat. However, all is not lost as Starfleet receives the help of a “mysterious and powerful new ally.” Console players can get in on the Incursion action starting November 1, 2023.

Incursion features

  • A new Episode: Taken by Surprise –  A Borg invasion force emerges from a Reality Vortex at Starbase One. These Borg are different – stronger, ruthless, and more aggressive. Starfleet must use all their might and some unexpected help to repel the Borg forces.
  • New Task Force Operation: Resistance of Starbase One – The Borg have launched an attack on Star Base One, and you must see to the evacuation of all personnel in this Five Captain Space TFO.
  • New Task Force Operation: Guillotine – The Borg are launching the beginnings of an invasion through a massive Reality Vortex. Repel the Borg and close the Vortex in this Five Captain Space TFO.
  • T6 Ship Upgrade Expansion
    • Upgrade to T6-X to T6-X2
    • Unlock an additional Starship Trait Slot, Universal Console Slot, and Device Slot
  • Season 30 Event – Borg Tesseract
    • Play selected content to earn a three-piece “Adaptation” ground set
    • Claim a free Starfleet Protostar Uniform
  • New Prodigy Lockbox
    • New lockbox based on Star Trek: Prodigy
    • All-new Protostar Class Ship with Proto-Drive and Reformed Living Construct Console
    • Includes gear and weapons from the show
    • Five different colored Mellanoid slime worm pets – you know, the adorable Murf!

Grab all the details by visiting the Star Trek Online official site.

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