StarCraft II Gets a 10th Birthday Update

Starcraft II

Blizzard Entertainment has announced some big plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of StarCraft II. The RTS launched the first chapter, Wings of Liberty, in 2011 that was followed by Heart of the Swarm (2014) and Legacy of the Void (2015). The game has retained a robust audience thanks to its multiplayer component and a decent number of updates throughout the years.

For its next update, Blizzard has several things in mind for the game including:

  • Solo & Co-op Custom Campaigns
  • Editor Improvements for builders
  • New Campaign Achievements
  • Dountdown to Start Timer
  • Gamer Server Choice on Lobby Creation
  • White-Ra and Stone Announcers
  • Commander Prestige Updates
  • Commander Updates
  • Bug Fixes

For now, these updates are live on the Public Test Realm for the game. There is no a specific date for its deployment though it’s likely that it’ll be coming sometime in the next week.

Check out the full PTR patch notes on the StarCraft II official site.

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