Stormhaven Announces Subscriptionless Option for Embers Adrift

Stormhaven Announces Subscriptionless Option for Embers Adrift

Stormhaven Studios has announced that Embers Adrift players will have the option to go “subscriptionless” starting June 27th. Players can continue with their subscription and will receive additional in-game perks. Those who opt to go “subscriptionless” will purchase the game as a one-time payment and have no further financial outlay.

The team released an infographic to show the benefits of each membership plan.

Embers Adrift Subscription - Subscriptionless Perks

Game features include

  • Discover the Mysteries of Ember: Learn what you can accomplish with the fabled substance Ember. Unfold the game’s alchemical magic system as you progress through the ongoing story.
  • PvE Group-Focused Gameplay: Team up with friends as you explore the reaches of the world. Whether you venture in a small group or a full-sized 6-person party. Join your party quickly through limited fast travel.
  • Explore Uninhibited: Massive overland zones and non-linear dungeons await those eager to uncover what the world offers. Openly travel to Newhaven and other areas without relying on a minimap or moving from quest hub to quest hub and enjoy the immersive environmental navigation.
  • Choose Your Quests: Meet denizens needing your and your party’s help while on your adventures. Complete traditional static quests or embark on campaign-like quests with different choices and actions.
  • Branching Class System: Choose the role you prefer from three base roles and find specialized gameplay with nine specializations, including crowd control.
  • Layered Crafting and Gathering: Gather resources with one of the three gathering professions, craft gear, and consumables with the game’s six crafting professions that focus on material-driven benefits. Take your gear further by imbuing or utilizing the weapon and armor augmentation system.
  • Dynamic Combat and Death: Featuring a strategic tab-targeting system with both offensive and defensive targeting, combat in Embers Adrift is a dynamic experience that shines in group gameplay. When defeat happens, another adventure awaits with the game’s death mechanics, including revival, retrieval, and a wound and recovery system. Anyone can avoid death if their friends use smelling salts or healing to wake them up in time.
  • A Living Environment: Meaningful day and night cycles affect the world, mob behavior, and seasonal changes.

Ready to go subscriptionless? Head to the Embers Adrift official site to learn more.

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