Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Is Out On PC

Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town is out now on PC, bringing a calming slice of life sim to keyboard warriors via Steam.

After initially breaking ground on the Nintendo Switch system in North America on 23 March 2021 and in Europe on 26th March 2021, this slice of life farming sim is now available for PC players. Out now on Steam, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is yet another entry in the long-running Story of Seasons franchise that takes gamers on a journey to rebuild an unattended farmyard and revitalize the surrounding village, but with its own twist on earlier entries like Friends of Mineral Town.

This Story of Seasons tale centers on the aforementioned Olive TOwn, a cute seaside community where players can work to breathe life back into their grandfather’s dilapidated farm. Rebuilding farmland, planting crops, and raising animals will not only bring owners wealth, it will unlock plenty of new features. Like many similar games, you’ll need to manage your crops, tend to the animals, and watch out for the seasons as they roll in. Between tilling the soil, you can head out and explore the wilderness around Olive Town or engage in activities around the town. Whichever you chose to do or whatever your focus becomes, bumping into the locals is inevitable and Pioneers of Olive Town provides plenty of romancing options too.

While it all sounds simple enough, Story of Seasons always manages surprisingly engaging and deep gameplay underneath the cute facade. If you’re already convinced then the PC release contains PC specific visual enhancements and all the available post launch content from the Nintendo Switch version. It will set you back £34.99 / €39.99 / $39.99 for the base game, while the ‘Expansion Pass Set’ bundling the game with 14 DLC comes priced at £52.98 / €59.98 / $59.99, both with a 10% launch week discount on Steam.

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