Super Adventure Box Boots Up Another Round of April Antics In Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is getting a little of kilter with the return of the riotous Super Adventure Box. Prepare to go retro and ArenaNet’s MMORPG.

Moto and the Kew are back in Rata Sum and players logging into Guild Wars 2 this morning have an opportunity to try out something a little retro and brilliantly fun. Super Adventure Box has landed in this fantasy MMO, brining square edges, bright colours, and pixel art platforming to a game that has just finished up culling some Elder Dragons.

Anybody jumping through Super Adventure Box will find a newly digitized world, taking inspiration from 8- and 16-bit classics, full of sneaky snakes, tornado bunnies, dangerous river rapids, and the odd big boss fight. Each player grabs a brand new set of skills for this quest to save the princess, allowing heroes to bounce but not glide through the content on offer. Two worlds, and three game modes are in play this year. Normal, Exploration, and Tribulation modes allow players to pick from a range of walkthroughs or dastardly brawls as they decide how much help is needed along the way. Even if you pick the hardest path, you’ll be able to pick up the odd continue coin and upgrade the starter stick with more powerful weapons like Bows, bombs, and other ingenious devices. Get them if only to hear the new weapons in glorious retro surround sound.

Super Adventure Box is a returning fan favourite in Guild Wars 2. Initially thrown in as a passion project by some of the devs and a joke for 1 April, it’s now a staple feature of the franchise and a wonderfully knowing nod to the serious business of dragon slaying. The Super Adventure Box also, of course, drops a bunch of very cool Retro-Forged weapons and Super Adventure mini’s to the drop list every year. If you’re looking to grab a mace, rifle, and dagger this time around then hunt out your Infinite Continue Coin and jump into Super Adventure Box between now and 18 April for free.

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