Super Mario Bros. 35 Loads Up A Battle Royale For Nintendo Switch Online

Super Mario Bros. 35, a Super Mario for the competitive type, is now ready to play for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers.

Added today in the Nintendo Switch Online game library, Super Mario Bros. 35 is one of those few games available to Nintendo Switch Online players that doesn’t come from the Nintendo back catalogue. Instead of regurgitating a virtual console release of some past glory, such as the recent Donkey Kong additions, Super Mario Bros. 35 takes the traditional side-scrolling Italian plumber and adds a new twist. This time, it joins games like Tetris 99 in combining a classic game with online competitive elements. Playing host to 35 online individuals per game, Super Mario 35 crams 35 different Marios against each other as they wind their way through levels of the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

As players progress further through the game and take on harder enemies things take a slightly unusual turn. Enemies defeated on your own screen will teleport across to other player’s retro-themed Mario course. This works both ways, allowing gamers to flood their opponent’s screen with incoming obstacles. A range of other tactics is also available to upset other players, as shown in the recent reveal trailer above.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is free and available worldwide for active Switch Online subscribers, but it isn’t here forever. This Mario ‘em up will stay live until 31 march 2021 when it will disappear a drainpipe and out of the Nintendo Switch Online library. Super Mario Bros. 35 is one of the many events launched by Nintendo to celebrate the 35 anniversary of Super Mario Bros, which cemented an iconic franchise in front rooms for decades to come. Head over to the Nintendo eShop and grab your copy of Super Mario Bros 35 now.

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