Surgeon Simulator 2 Launches Multiplayer Competitive Surgery

In a move that could only be the result of a botched op, Surgeon Simulator 2 just got a multiplayer mode.

Available now as a free add on to the base Surgeon Simulator 2 game, Bossa Studio’s addition to their latest surgical hijinks raises more than a few ethical quandaries. While getting one over on your friends in Fall Guys will only hurt the beans, competitive multiplayer mayhem in Surgeon Simulator 2 probably isn’t going to do the patients any good. Still, if you’re set on showing your competition you’re the best surgeon in the operating theatre then get set to delve into six frantic, team-based levels now available in this blood-soaked sim.

An Arms Race

This new update adds an all-new competitive twist to the operation sim, matching surgeon against surgeon in a range of environments; some hospital-based, and some just making do where you can. Across the various challenges, you’ll compete to sever the most limbs, sprint to the finish line in the Bob-stacle Course, and more. The full list of challenges can be found below.

  • Run For Your Money: It’s raining cash! Bounce off the trampolines to catch as many falling coins as you can, before slotting them into your pachinko machine. Who can deposit the most coins before the time runs out?
  • Pulse Racer: Grab that bonesaw. Mop your brow. And race to heal more Bobs than the other team! This is pure and unrelenting speed-based surgery.
  • The Bob-stacle Course: A 2v2 obstacle course, but with surgery at the… ahem, heart of it. No mud. All blood!
  • Arms Race: Good ol’ fashioned, team-based dismemberment. Rip off Bob’s limbs and shoot them in the goals to score. Go on, break a leg!
  • Balls to the Wall: Race to grab the giant balls before navigating a series of obstacles to shoot them into your goal. First team to score 3 wins!
  • Hide and Shriek: Can you outwit the other team by hiding a series of objects in a place they’ll never find? Find out in this quickfire game of hospital hide-and-seek.

I did warn you it wasn’t patient-friendly. On the off chance you haven’t guessed, Surgeon Simulator 2 is the follow up to developer Bossa Studios silly physics sim, Surgeon Simulator. Featuring single-player challenges where you are the surgeon in a dedicated story mode, 4-player online co-op, and the bone-afide Creation Mode the newest blood-soaked entry in the Surgeon Sim franchise is available now via the Epic Game Store for £19.99 / $24.99.

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