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New Horizons

Back in November 2018 we were stoked to hear that Skyforge was about to give console gamers the chance to grab a Battle Axe and dial the action up to 11 with the release of Distant Frequencies. Now a new update is taking players to New Horizons and we’ve got 100 PlayStation 4 Skyforge Packs to giveaway, just to help you in uncertain territory.

The New Horizons update, the latest content for Skyforge, landed on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One earlier this month and promises a whole new world of adventure for players. Taking the gods of Aelion to a brand new world, New Horizons takes place on the planet Terra. Full of untamed environments, inhospitable enemies, and new challenges, Terra is the single largest map in the history of Skyforge and it is up to players to tame this land. You can find out more in the latest trailer, below.

Things aren’t going to be simple in New Horizons, however, In among the overgrown cities and lifeless wastelands, a new and vicious race are already at work. Vaguely humanoid and armed to the teeth, the Draconid race seems to have their own agenda that you will need to overcome in order to develop Terra. As inhospitable as Terra sounds, the New Horizons update also includes a reconditioned UI design and a range of changes to scaling and divining specializations to help players get back into Skyforge.

With a new threat lurking on Terra, we thought a few of you could use a helping hand to thwart the Draconid and conquer New Horizons. We are giving 100 North American Gods the opportunity to unlock the Soundweaver Pack on Playstation 4. This includes access to the Soundweaver class and three days of premium time to boot. For more information on the Soundweaver class check out the official Skyforge website.

To get your PlayStation NA 4 Soundweaver pack, grab a code from our giveaway below.

Skyforge Giveaway

Once you have entered, sit back and wait. Winners will be emailed next week, on 4th May 2019. To redeem a code follow the instructions

1: Ensure you are using a PlayStation 4 and are in North American

2: Acess the PlayStation Store from your home screen

3: Select the option to redeem the code on the PlayStation Store Menu

4: Enter the code

5: Click Continue

6: confirm any Terms and Redeem the code

7: rock out on Terra

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