Synapse Gets an Upgrade Trailer

Synapse, the upcoming VR adventure from developer nDreams, got a blistering new trailer at the Upload VR showcase.

It’s been a solid week of trailers from a while plethora of gaming showcases, but the latest update from nDreams caught our eye of late. If you missed the Upload VR showcase then take a moment to check out the latest Synapse teaser, detailing how exactly you upgrade tactile firepower with surging telekinetic abilities in this stunning new FPS.

Just over 2 minutes of gameplay previews gives us a glimpse at more of the gameplay for this VR focused shooter. It explores the mind of your enemy, the enemies you’ll take out, but crucially gives us a brief look at the talent tree you’ll use Upgrades to the player character can align with time played or character interactions with the host mind you’re fighting through. This all means that aside from looking spectacular, you can expect your actions to influence the available choices in this system. The last half of the teaser brings together these character changes and throws in the Colonel’s tougher enemies.

If this all seems a bit cerebral then you might have missed the initial announcement for nDreams’ latest shooter. Coming to Sony’s PSVR2, Synapse places you in the role of an operative diving into the mind of an enemy. In order to stop a deadly attack, you’ll need to use every system shown here to wade through their psychological defences, which happen to take the form of a DOOM inspired encounter. If you want to learn more, check out the PlayStation Blog from earlier this year.

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