Tell Me Why Release Date Set For August

tell me why release date

Dontnod, the independent french Studio behind narrative hits such as Life is Strange, has confirmed that the Tell Me Why release date is now set for 27 August 2020.

Coming to Xbox and Windows, via Xbox Game Pass and Steam, Tell Me Why was first revealed back at Xbox X019 celebration in London. Now, the first chapter will arrive on 27 August, with the second instalment coming on 3 September, and the final third of the story arriving on 10 September. As you would expect, pre-orders are now available for the title too.

Tell Me Why follows the fate of two twins, Alyson and Tyler Ronan, who reunite for the first time in ten years after their mother’s passing. As both siblings arrive in their home town, they realise that their shared past may not be everything they both remember. Against the backdrop of Rural Alaska, the Ronans seek closure for their mother’s death and delve into the memories that ave shaped them both.

While this might not sound all too exciting, the premise for the captivating Life Is Strange might not have been all that extraordinary if it wasn’t for a single twist. Similarly in Tell Me Why, the Ronan twins share a supernatural bond which they use to explore the truth behind their mother’s death. The choices each player makes, using the bond, will influence the relationship between the siblings for better or worse while altering the outcome of the game as it all unfolds.

If you’ve not heard of Tell Me Why or Dontnod, then you can check out a trailer to the upcoming title above, and get a glimpse of the central characters. Tell Me Why is looking like it could be another fantastic exploration of complex emotional themes by Dontnod, and is notable as the first major studio title to feature a trans lead. You can find out more about that over on the GLAAD website, who were involved in consulting Microsoft and Dontnod on the inclusion, as well as dig into more about Tell me Why over on the official website now.


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