The Halo Series Has Launched On Paramount+


On March 24, 2022, Halo the Series has launched on Paramount+. It is the year 2552 and humans living on a far out world named Madrigal are trying to free themselves from Earth’s rule. The rebel forces come in contact with the Covenant forces and that’s when the Spartans lead by Master-Chief show up.

The show that is based on the Xbox title that has graced our screens for twenty years is now a real thing. From what I have seen so far I would say there are some things that are just like the games but there are some things that aren’t as well. I like when we get to see a first person view from the Spartans and how sounds and weapons are exactly like in the games. The things that aren’t the same are for you to decide on your own. One thing is for sure there is a big reveal that has never happened in any timeline within the Halo games.

The show will air new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+ and I can’t wait to see what is going to be coming from the team of writers over there. You can watch the official trailer below and catch the first episode airing on Paramount+ now.

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