The Iron Oath Received Fire and Ice Update

The Iron Oath Received Fire and Ice Update

Developer Curious Panda Games and publisher Humble Games have released a major update Fire and Ice to turn-based tactical RPG The Iron Oath that has players take over the command of a band of mercenaries. Their fate is now in your hands as your party traverses the ever-changing fantasy world of Caelum. The game is available in the Early Access phase and has received a very positive response from the community, including our own first impressions.

The latest update brings the following additions:

  • Icebinder Class – specializes in crowd control and features a wide range of abilities that allow him to summon ice pillars, freeze enemies, and support allies.
  • Scourge Crisis Event – a new event that occurs in the wake of the dragon’s attack, introducing consequences and opportunities for players.
  • New Quests and Overworld Encounters that can only occur during the Scourge
  • Closing Void Breaches that are now physically present on the combat field and will be supplying enemies with reinforcements until closed
  • Enchantments – you can now obtain magical scrolls to enchant your gear with various stats and effects.
  • Fleeing – if you find yourself in a dire situation, you can now flee from combat (so long as the mission or event allows). If you flee from combat within a dungeon, the dungeon will be aborted and you’ll return to the overworld.

Following Fire and Ice, two major updates will be focused on improving combat, character leveling, and dungeon crawls. The team is also rebalancing some enemy stats, adding new enemy variants, and making support/utility abilities a more attractive and useful option. The ultimate goal is to make enemies feel more unique and requiring different strategies to defeat.

If you want to learn more about the game, consider checking out our developer interview with Curious Panda Games.

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