The Porcupine Parks Up In Switchblade

Introducing the Porcupine in Switchblade

SwitchBlade, the vehicular MOBA has unlocked a brand new car for competitors to try and an accompanying trailer for the new joiner. Right now, players eager for a change of pace can jump in and try out the Porcupine.

While the name might not instantly conjure up images of blistering speed or nimble maneuvers, the Porcupine is the latest scout craft to join the Switchblade garage. This nimble new craft brings the overall Switchblade roster up to a total of seventeen and has a distinctly prickly attitude. Full of pace and surprise, the Porcupine has its very own unique load out of abilities.

  • Main Weapon – Striker – A military grade laser weapon effective against Hull and Shield.
  • Primary Ability – Thunder Mines – Drops a row of micro storms that deal damage and apply a steering lock.
  • Secondary Ability – Overdrive – Boosts the speed of nearby friendly vehicles and Mobs.
  • Super Weapon – Lockdown Storm – Locks nearby enemies in place and disables their abilities.

If you haven’t heard of Switchblade, then check out our Gamescom 2018 ones to watch. This mix of motorized combat and MOBA mechanics pits two teams of five on a battle for supremacy. Five classes of fighter are available and feature a variety of punishing abilities. Players piloting Scouts, Armoured, Artillery, Fighters and Tanks around the arena must navigate enemy creeps, defensive towers, and combatants in order to meet their objective. In addition, an inventive hot-swapping system provides fantastic flexibility to competitors in a pinch and keeps up a blistering pace throughout. Switchblade’s manic new take on a genre that all to often just seem tired is in Early Access on PC and PlayStation 4 right now.

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