The Universim Early Access & It’s Influence On Your Choices

Late last year I bought you a demo preview of The Universim after it caught my eye across the internet, as awesome sim games often do! Building games with an abundance of choices, gorgeously detailed art assets and memorable personality are simply too hard for this gamer to resist!

In July I need to know what the folks at Crytivo Games have been up to and wow they have been busy!


In April Crytivo Games announced that The Universim is releasing on Steam August 28th so this set the wheels in motion to bunker down and get a whole ton of Nugget goodness done! it was excellent news for all with everyone who purchased the game via the Crytivo Store or Kickstarter as now they were able to activate their keys via Steam!

That’s a long road from 2014 when there Kickstarter campaign began until now but just from playing the Demo it was easy to tell their are so many complex systems needing to be perfected to run in real-time (but also easy to forget the game is so darn cute!)

Crytivo Games hope to be in Early Access for no more than 18 months which will come with regular updates but before you even ask they are not rushed to include multiplayer however they may have an intergalactic trading system, chat or other systems and no their is not going to be a battle royale mode (amazing how developers need to point this out now don’t you think?)



The answer is actually yes Nuggets are the race and center of The Universim game but still there are others lurking that got me really excited as I didn’t get to experience with the demo is that the world of The Universim will also have Exiles as well as the possibility of Alien invasions! How cool is that? On top of tornado’s which are crazy in this game and also events – these possibilities add new levels of dynamic adventure!


Its a legit question especially in this game as you are playing God creating your universe, exactly how Crytivo games intends it. New systems are on the way for early access including God Quests described by Crytivo Games as the following:

As a god, you have to deal with a lot of prayers. While some of them may be spam – and a fair amount will be ludicrous – there are a few genuine, reasonable requests you might want to take a look at. Nuggets will ask for help with various tasks, or request aid during hard times. They might throw in a few bizarre ones now and then, and it’s really up to you to decide if you want to fulfill them or not.

This system will see the introduction of Influencers and Inventors that have changed the course of human history such as “Nuggola Tesla” or “Elon Nugsk” my humor and adoration getting tickled at the same time! Some are sure to make folks unhappy so it will be interesting to see how this effects The Universim community or games popularity.

The same update will also bring kinetic generators offering more tasks and systems for your Nuggets so they aren’t running around like chickens with their heads cut off!


Last but definitely not least, the latest update from Crytivo Games was about Nugget Leaders and Law System that went deep into the user interface and election processes. Their truly is a lot to this game that I can’t wait to experience but I’m curious what you love about sims games and if this one sounds even remotely as intriguing to you as it does to me! be sure to check out all the links that lead you directly to info you need and happy building!

Good luck Crytivo Games on Early Access release for The Universims on August 28th!

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