The VZR Model One Headset Is Out Now

The VZR Model One, the much-hyped audiophile gaming headset from the aptly named VZR, is out now in the United States

If You’ve got $349 and are looking for a new audio experience then the VZR Model One, a brand new take on audiophile gaming headsets, is out now in the United States. Originally announced back in February and ready to go live now, this new headset is aiming to carve a niche between the throwaway plastic of mass-market headsets and the extremely expensive top end of the audio spectrum. With the best setups easily costing thousands, the VZR brings the entry point down with a mix of affordability and some new technology.

Inside The Cans

The spec sheet for the VZR one includes a set of individually paired 40 mm Dynamic drivers, unlike the planar magnetics of Audeze, but it does bring something very different to the table. The company’s patented Crosswave Acoustic Lensreshapes the way audio is transmitted from speaker to players and is described by VZR as follows:

The unique geometry of the CrossWave™ passive acoustic lens selectively and strategically reshapes audio waves to emulate the way you would perceive the sound in real life without headphones, resulting in improved separation, openness and accurate 3D spatial positioning.

The rest of the design comes together using exotic parts, materials and construction to give the VZR Model One a premium feel. With Apple’s former lead acoustics engineer, Vic Tiscareno, and veterans of the AAA video game and sound industries all behind VZR, it’s hard to bet against a great sounding product, but we will have to hear if when we get an opportunity to try it. If you want one before we get it round our lugs, The VZR Model One is available to order in the US now via the official VZR website. A worldwide release is coming soon for the rest of us.

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