Tips To Get Started In Story Of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

story of seasons: friends of mineral town getting started tips

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town just hit EU store shelves and we’ve been busy getting stuck in on the farm since it launched on Friday. For those of you struggling to get your new homestead up and running or preparing to move to Mineral Town, when it launches in North America on 14 July, we have put together some getting started tips for your first year in this charming new adventure.

Know Your Neighbours

While mineral Town isn’t exactly metropolitan, the very first thing that it is worth doing when you are finished introductions with the Mayor of this cute cottage village is to get to know the rest of the citizens. You’ll find that a range of stores and their owners are dotted around the town and you’ll need to know where to go for doctors appointments, seeds, upgrades, and farmyard supplies. Each of these stores works to their own schedule, usually opening between 8-10 AM and shutting around 4 PM each night.

More than checking in on your future suppliers, exploring the town will begin to unlock basic character interactions and help you integrate with the inhabitants. You’ll unlock a huge range of events just by talking to the locals, so when you’re on the way to pick up supplies do take the time to talk to everyone you can.

Read Some Books

Read A Book

It might seem obvious, but knowing what you need to do can be a surprisingly difficult task I Friends of Mineral Town. Once you flip through a first-time tutorial, many of the aspects of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town are lost to you. The bookshelf located in your charming homestead acts as an in game codex and is augmented by the local library, found on the north of the town. If you get lost or have questions on growing your crops then this will fill in the blanks. It also gives you more information that websites can regurgitate as a top tips to get started blurb. Moving on then.

Watch TV

watch tv

More importantly, check the weather. TV has a few uses, including cooking. But more than being an informative distraction, your TV will give you a weather report. This is important because you’re a farmer after all. While the seasons are immutable, the weather can help or hinder you. Plan ahead and know when it is going to rain. You won’t need to water your crops on these days and it should provide you with an opportunity to get some other activities complete, like hiking off to chop down wood or relinquishing your watering can for the forge to upgrade.

Go Bronze

The Forge

Talking of upgrades, you’ll probably find that tilling soil or watering plants becomes something of a chore each day and upgrading your tools is a great way to deal with that monotony. In order to upgrade tools, you will need to find the forge, situated just north of your farm in Mineral Town, on a day they aren’t closed and aren’t fixing up any other big projects. Assuming you manage this, you’ll need to take in some ingredients. For your first set of upgrades, this means heading into the western outskirts of Mineral Town, just beside the stream shown in a tip below, and grabbing some copper ore.

The result is tools that can pour more water and plough a wider area just by holding down the action button for a little longer, charging strike. Despite this upgrade, it doesn’t seem to make tools any more efficient, so do not go wasting time and energy upgrading your watering can past bronze level. You’ll want to invest that energy in upgrading your axe and hammer as far as possible, allowing you to crack open more difficult rocks, and chop down bigger tree stumps. Trust us, the rewards become useful later. As for the sickle, don’t worry about upgrading it at first. you’ll rarely use it. Just remember to check the weather forecast on the TV before giving up your watering can too.

Pick Your Crops


While you’ll find that first set of crops is likely going to come from the cheapest seeds you can find, try to step up to seeds that will repeatedly give fruit and veg. Crops like tomatoes will allow you to avoid paying for seeds every time a crop is harvested by re flowering and producing useful edibles all year round. It also allows you to stock up on foodstuff, like corn, for your animals because things don’t grow quite the same in winter.

Harvest Sprites


Another reason we would avoid upgrading your trusty watering can too much is the harvest sprites. Found just behind the Church, at the top right of the map, the harvest sprites are your new best friends. Give them gifts and talk to them to keep their favour and you can have these little critters watering your crops for you in no time. You’ll just need to remember to keep on giving them bribes because if you fall out of favour with hem, it’ll take time to get them on side.

Harvest Goddess

harvest goddess hello


The harvest Goddess is yet another mystical member of Mineral Town that you will want to keep on side. Just like the harvest Sprites, try to give this watery maiden gifts daily and watch out for special rewards. You can find the Harvest Goddess at the stream shown above, just chuck your offering in the stream and wait for your reward, eventually.

Grab Bags

harvest goddess

In order to give the Harvest Goddess, the local residents, or those pesky sprites offerings, you’ll need to know how to handle items in your bag. For some reason rifling through your pockets and holding them is not covered in Story of Season’s opening. Don’t worry, after a solid hour of mashing buttons we worked it out. Pushing the right Joycon analog stick will cycle through the items in your possession, allowing you to gift chicken eggs to the egg family or flowers in the Harvest Goddess’ river.

Hopefully our Story Of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town getting started tips will make your new life in Mineral Town a little easier.


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