Titanfall 2 Live Fire Release & Double XP Weekend Through February 27th

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 team put up a new blog post on the game’s site. Devs are happy to note that Live Fire will be rolling out today, February 23rd. Players can expect a new execution, additional Coliseum map as well as new faction intros. Additionally, you can check out balance patch notes here. Some other things included in the update are:

Mixtape Matchmaking allows players to create a “mix” of modes.

Featured Playlist is a group of selected modes that devs pick and swap each week.

The two new Live Fire maps are Stacks and Meadows. They are only available for Live Fire mode.

New Execution:

Inspired by the Stim, Last Hit packs a punch and you’ll see it show up with the rest of the executions in the Pilot customization options.

Titanfall 2 Live Fire

Live Fire is a new mode for the game. It features 6v6 fast paced Pilot action in close quarters. Additionally, here are no respawns and players have only a single minute to crush enemies.

Devs have also announced that there will be a double experience weekend. It will begin today and will be held through Monday, February 27th. Players should make a note that double experience only affects Live Fire mode.

You can find some tips from devs here.

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