Top 5 Mario Games

Top 5 Mario Games

It’s time to answer the question which Mario Game is the best. The answer will depend on your taste, what kind of designs, visual effects you prefer, and your imagination. Below you will find the top 5 list of the best mario computer games ever existing.

1. Super Mario 3D World

It is one of the best and exciting adventures of Mario. This game borrowed many elements from such games as Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy. It is so exciting to be in the 3D sphere while playing this game. In this version, Princess Peach takes into action. There are four playable characters, new spaces for your explorations, and a lot of levels. This version gives the classic game a unique vibe. So, this game is not only about nostalgia from your childhood, but an excellent game by itself.


2. Super Mario Odyssey


This game has the right to be in Mario franchise. You will be amazed to see how everyone gets evolved into the hunt for treasures. The main stars of this game are Power Moons. To acquire them there is no need to reset the stage. It is a thrilling adventure which is packed by many different obstacles. Now you can take control over minions, monsters, and machines all around the world to solve the significant puzzles for the sake of our environment. You will enjoy fluid controls, a comfortable interface of the game, colorful visual effects, and the way all levels are designed. Let Mario overcome new and unexpected obstacles and show all his potential.


3. New Super Mario Bros. U


Super Mario Bros.U

Nintendo was always good at creating fabulous games. Many players thought that it is impossible to create something better than Super Mario Bros. 3, but the miracle happened, and now we have New Super Mario Bros. U. This game wraps all the best from Mario, both old and new games. It is a great game you should try. The developer introduced new stage themes and many other exciting game elements. For example, now players can have access to online social sharing, or you can get expansion which is, in fact, a super-challenging video gameplay mode that gives only a hundred seconds for each stage.


4. New Super Mario Bros.


New Super Mario Bros.

This game has been released in 2006. It is a fuzzy and gentle trip down the memory lane. It is prettied up with the safe art style and subsequent follow-ups. If you compare New Super Mario Bros. to other games, this one is real ice cream. You will be surprised to know that this game is the biggest-seller that shifted thirty million copies.


5. Super Mario Galaxy


This game is amazing. It looks like the Gusty Garden, a magical place where the main character Mario grabs flower petals to be whipped along by winds. It is the greatest tune of Nintendo. You will love the realism of this game. This is the game of wide-eyed invention with numerous elements. They are mixed with confidence and perfection. Get ready to play Super Mario Galaxy.

You will not notice time passing by. When Mario is not rescuing Princess Peach, he is busy with something else. Mario is a lovely character who is always ready to help his friends, take new challenges, or jump on the head of Koopa. Try all the game and make the decision which game you want to play next time.

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