Total War: Warhammer II Adds New Elvish Legendary Lords In New DLC

Total War Warhammer II The Queen & The Crone

Creative Assembly have announced the next pack to release for their smash hit Total War: Warhammer II titled “The Queen & The Crone.” The new pack brings with it new legendary lords for players to check out: Queen Alarielle the Radiant and The Hag-Queen, Crone Hellebron. Bolstering the ranks of the High Elves and Dark Evles, the new Lords Pack brings with it many new units, quests and more for players.

From the listing on Steam:

Only in times of the grave peril does Alarielle the Everqueen, the living embodiment of Isha, take to the battlefield. Her eternal duty: to defend Ulthuan and its residents from the depredations of the impure. With a rallying cry, she is joined by the Handmaidens, the Sisters of Avelorn, and the spirits of the woods themselves!

Meanwhile, dark acts are afoot in Naggaroth. Crone Hellebron stirs in Har Ganeth, and calls a Blood Night: the slaves are released upon the streets and slaughtered in their thousands. Bathing in the rivers of spilled blood, Hellebron’s powers are magnified beyond belief, with Doomfire Warlocks and Sisters of Slaughter flocking to her banner. The Asur will pay for their eternal treachery – and imminently!

The new units, quest chains and skill tress will be centered around the new Lords, but Creative Assembly also teases that a new update will release alongside the Lords pack adding the race of Norsca to the Mortal Empires campaign and more. The new Total War: Warhammer II Lords Pack will cost $7.99, though currently it is available for a 10% discount.

Total War: Warhammer II was one of the best strategy games to release last year. Make sure you check out our review here.

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