Trade Wars Set Sail in Latest Atlas Update

The Atlas development team has posted the first information about a new update that has set sail into the seafaring game. Most notably, the game now features a retooled trade functionality that allows players new ways to conduct — and impede — trade. In addition, a new Random Event is now live in the game that can be negative, neutral, or good. Players will need to keep an eye on their Trading Log to avoid being caught by surprise.

The updated Trade System now features virtual shipments only. This means all Trades will reach the final destination as long as the Sea Fort isn’t under blockade. In fact, Trade will not begin until the destination is free. Once started, however, players can intervene by blockading Sea Forts and “automatically generated Trade Ships” can be attacked, though this latter system is still in its testing mode. Fully automated NPC Trade Ships will be a feature fully included at a later date. The Trade System also features Farmhouses, Warehouses, Sea Forts, Markets, and Trade Routes.

Remember that at this stage, all Trades will be virtual, so any Trade that is started will reach its destination Market. Testing is still ongoing on the NPC Trade Ships that will eventually carry the goods. Now’s the perfect time to take advantage of these guaranteed Trades to get the gold rolling in and the economy moving! Although players won’t be able to attack your Shipments, for now, you will still want to pay attention to the Random Events that may occur! You never know what you will end up getting… or losing. However, the chance of higher spoils may make the Trade more than worthwhile! All Random events are virtual and are resolved upon completion of the Trade.

Atlas Trading

The developer blog also provides some peeks at changes coming to gameplay and progression and offers some insight into what sailors can expect throughout the balance of 2020.

Check out all of the details on the Atlas official site.

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