Trove Players Invited to Wish Upon a Star


gamigo has announced that its Voxel-based online MMO, Trove, is now sporting a brand new event called the Lunar Plunge. During the event, players will be able to take part in a challenging new quest as well as craft awesome event-specific items, and head off on “thrilling adventures”. The event runs from now through August 18th.

Invasions have been replaced by Starfalls. While participating in a Starfall, players will pick up Stars that provide clues about Trove’s lore. Along the way, players will assist Qubesly and the Moon Goddess as they battle Candy Barbarians and Fae Tricksters. Players will help the pair find their way home again during the six-phase questline. Once complete, players will score the epic Spectral Starlotl mount for their efforts.

Trove, an always-online world filled to the brim with exciting content, new friends to meet, and quests to fulfill. Its 16 classes are as unique as the game is quirky. Players can switch on the fly from taking the fight up close and personal to hanging back a bit to bombard their enemies from afar with powerful attacks.

Check out the Trove official site to learn more.

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