Trueplay Means Monitoring. This Time, Video Games!


After the privacy debacles that accompanied the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, the Redmond giant appears to happily be turning its feet to the fire once again with the launch of a new gaming feature called Trueplay.

Trueplay Truly Worrying?

Trueplay is one of the latest features to make its way into the Windows 10 Creators Fall Update. Targeted at gamers, this feature is described as a new set of tools to combat cheating in PC games. What sounds like an incredibly useful tool will run applicable games in a protected process, monitoring them for unusual behavior, and alerting developers if suspicious activity is flagged as cheating.

Its reach and its activity isn’t all that extensive. It will only impact UWP apps from the windows store, so most of your gaming library will remain unaffected. However, Trueplay will also allow developers to quit the game or disable features if users do not allow it to run. As a statement of intent, this is pretty concerning. It removes, even more, control from consumers for something they have already paid for. A full rundown of the new feature is available on MSDN.


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  1. It sounds like an a more effective anti-cheat. I don’t see this like the Activision game manipulation at all. That’s an entirely different approach, scale, mindset, and implementation. This keeps players using the software how it was licensed to them. The Activision patent is about aggressively manipulating gameplay to squeeze more money out of the user.

    • In general, I hope that’s the case but really I wonder how long it will be before this tool is used in a fashion that is not consumer friendly?

  2. If you are going to cheat, you deserve what you get when caught. That includes a permanent ban from any games you are caught cheating in.

    I hope this works as intended.

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