Ubisoft Has Egg on Its Face After For Honor Tournament Champ Uses Exploit to Win


Ubisoft recently sponsored a For Honor tournament and ended up with virtual egg on its face for the effort. The winner of the PC series took home the championship by using an exploit. All we can say is, “Ouch.”

Official Ubisoft For Honor Tournament Snafu

The tournament winner, Jakub Palen, used a well-documented exploit called “unlock tech”. Players using it can cause opponents to be unable to parry attacks as well as makes some attacks faster. In addition, if an opponent blocks an attack, the recoil is nullified. This issue can be “spammed” and there is little counter-play available.

The use of this exploit has been discussed at great length by the community, however, developers have not fixed it yet. Palen using it only further illustrates the need to fix it.

According to a much-trafficked Reddit post, this was the most visible snafu in the weekend, but not the only one. The thread is filled with issues including bugs causing match losses and so forth. Clearly, Ubisoft needs to pay attention and close down exploits before they lose the For Honor community entirely.

One Reddit user summed it up perfectly:

These issues are by no means recent issues, and have been of heavy contention the past few weeks. For Honor is supposed to be a fighting game, but this tournament has shown people just how thin the game is in a setting where players are trying their best to secure the prize money.

Developers have started working on fixes, though if it is too little too late will remain to be seen.

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