Under Cover Shoots Onto Meta Quest Today

Thunderful, Coatsink and Sigtrap’s inspired VR shooter Under Cover locked and loaded onto Meta Quest headsets today.

Watch out for the couch, Under Cover is available now. The new VR lightgun cover shooter from a trio of teams is about to bring old school arcade hair trigger action into your eyeballs. On sale via the Meta Quest Store, this new immersive run and gun drags the arcade adventures of old school gun slingers into an immersive 3D realm that knows exactly how audacious it is.

Handing eager law enforcement officers a virtual gun and shoving them straight into the action, this colorful new shooter follows Red-Eye and Magnum, tow undercover agents that are a bit too loud to stay undiscovered. Instead, your quest to infiltrate an evil organization is a bit more confrontational than might be wise. Thankfully, plenty of powerful weapons, hair trigger action, and targets mean you’ll blow through any opposition. Throughout a full 5–6-hour campaign, expect to use the active cover system to duck, reload, and explode a range of grunts and bosses.

If you’ve ever found yourself completing Time Crisis, then you’ll know what to expect. If that’s a bit too vintage for you, then check out the trailer above and then head over to the Meta Quest store to find out more.

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