Valorant – Official Gameplay Trailer & Reyna Teaser

Ding ding ding! Riot’s Valorant is almost here! Are you ready to defy the limits in 5v5 tactical shooting game that expects you to plan, adapt, shoot and win in fast-paced matches?

The developers describe the game as “a free-to-play game of precise skill, high stakes, lethal gameplay, and clutch moments that rewards creative gameplay styles”. It pits two teams of five against one another with the action taking place across a number of rounds. Each player takes on the role of either an attacker or a defender that is part of “a diverse cast of hypernatural, battle-ready agents from real-world cultures and locations”. Each one has, of course, his or her own special set of abilities that can be used tactically to each team’s advantage.

The developers also revealed the latest hero of Valorant’s roster – Reyna. Riot’s Morello took to Twitter to explain how her abilities work:

Reyna is feast or famine, and a big “get frags” agent. Two of her abilities require Soul Orbs to cast, which are only spawned when *Reyna* kills a player. They only last a few seconds. These abilities allow her to heal her health to full (including “overhealing” up to 50 armor) or turn invulnerable and unable to shoot for a few seconds. They share charges. Her ult gives her faster firing/reload/recoil mod and resets on kill. Also enhances her Soul Orb skills. Reyna has the potential to pop-off like no one else, avoiding being traded on or healing so you have to beat her square-up each time. If she doesn’t get kills, though, she’s BAD. Like, near-useless. You’re making a big bet picking Reyna.” (source)

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