War of Wits Adds New Real Time PVP Mode to AFK Arena

war of wits afk arena

War of Wits has just landed in mobile RPG AFK Arena and you’ll need to pay attention if you want to win in this real time PvP battle.

Just announced by Lilith Games, War of Wits is a first for mobile megalith AFK Arena. The hands off RPG battler that recently hosted Assassin’s Creed and Persona 5 cross over events, gets more new content with this one on one game mode. Pitting player against player in a battle for glory, this 1v1 game mode focuses the mind as competitors take to their mobiles to Draw ‘n’ Duel in a flurry of quickfire gameplay.

Stripping players of their high-level heroes, the War of Wits shares a pool of four cards made up from a possible 40 Heroes and 24 Relics. Anybody with the hope of coming out victorious will need to use their skill and knowledge to build a squad of heroes and deploy them into the War of Wits final combat phase. As you might suspect, each hero and relic comes bundled with their own particular skill, meaning how your counter or attack is entirely up to you.

Free Stuff

As a bonus for everybody competing in the AFK Arena’s PvP session, players can unlock Celestial Hero Talene, the Rising Phoenix, by playing in 20 PVP matches before the 26th of February. Just by taking part, you’ll be able to snag an agility-based support hero who can wield powerful flame-based attacks that will singe anything that stands in their way.

If you haven’t tried out AFK Arena then you an jump over to the official website and try out the War of Wits, as well as the core RPGs tyle gameplay, on iOS and Android for free now.

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