What The Heck Is Project Lilith?

Playway, the publisher behind the addictive House Flipper, just announced a Souls style RPG called Project Lilith with a shiny new trailer to boot.

Sometimes, some things just pop up on Steam and make you take notice. That’s how we found out about Playway’s recent reveal of their latest, and very different, adventure. Taking a bit of a left turn from their usual roster of House Flipper, The Tenants, and Mech Mechanic Simulator Project Lilith looks to be a brand new dark fantasy style RPG set in a ruined world of Souls like challenges. The new title doesn’t have a release date yet but the developer, Soro Games, has put together a trailer full of gameplay footage for us to dismantle.

The accompanying Steam page tells a little more of this tale too. It’s a tale of revenge. Right now all we know of this narrative is that you’re a little irate and willing to put the pointy end of your sword through that stand in the way of your revenge. As you cut a swathe of destruction between you and the aforementioned Lilith, you’ll be able to loot craft and equip a variety of weapons and armour, each of which carries a variety of combat changing mods. Chose a couple of swords and you’ll be able to cut away but a shield will drastically change the way you fight. Soro Games also promise that this combat system will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before, mixing different weapon behaviour with counter, block, combo systems, and even magical attacks.

While there’s plenty of thematic recycling here, not all of us managed to grab a PlayStation 5 and a copy of Demon Souls, and Project Lilith might be the Souls style adventure that we need to tide us over. Whatever your preference, the trailer makes a compelling case for this upcoming adventure and a nice change of pace from renovation jobs. Check out the trailer above and head over to the Steam Store page for more information about Project Lilith.

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