Win A Copy of Chernobylite And Take A Dip Into The Ghost Town Update

Win A Copy of Chernobylite And Take A Dip Into The Ghost Town Update

Enter our competition to win a copy of Chernobylite and you can spend your holidays exploring the brand new update to this atmosphere survival horror.

It’s the holidays and what better way to celebrate a joyous release from responsibility than suiting up and venturing into the radioactive deadlands of Chernobylite. This tense survival horror just got a new update, inviting old and new players alike to venture into a fantastical environment where science and fantasy mix, things go bump in the night, and the glowing green aura definitely isn’t anything as mundane as radioactive waste.

Just yesterday, Chernobylite got a free update, allowing anybody who ventures into the unknown to explore a range of new neighbourhoods, tackle additional side quests, and navigate some iconic new buildings. Built on the 3D mapped scans of Pripyat, Chernobylite takes an otherwise ethereal place and makes it a malevolent backdrop to a stellar title that only just had its full launch back earlier this year.

Thanks to the team at All in! Games we are now able to a squad of gamers on an escape to a land blighted by a mysterious substance called Chernobylite and cast into shadow by a nuclear accident. If you would like to take some time out from the Christmas cheer to tackle this title then all you have to do is enter to win below. We’ve got codes available for PC via Steam, although there will probably be more coming soon. All you have to do is pop your detail below and maybe come Christmas there will be a portal to another world hanging ominously below your tree.

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