Win Chernobylite on Xbox

Win Chernobylite on Xbox

Win Chernobylite on Xbox. We’ve got five copies of Chernobylite for you to win as we continue to delve into the world behind this survival sim.

The team behind Chernobylite, the atmospheric adventure set among the afterglow of an abandoned nuclear reactor, dropped yet another developer diary last week. To celebrate the latest peek behind the curtain, we’re giving at least 5 more people the chance to join us in a virtual Pripyat, as lone scientist Igor searches through the remnants of a town lost to strange portals, debatable human choices, and objects that take on a life of their own.

All you have to do to win is enter using the competition form below. We will be running the giveaway this week, so you’ll have a new game ready to go for the weekend. Do, however, be ready for your upcoming adventure, because everything isn’t quite what it seems. The dolls that lay scattered around the game world in Chernobylite seem to be almost alive and are a crucial part of your experience, as unnerving as they are. You can find out more about how these objects are woven into the world in the latest Chernobylite dev diary.

Dolls, of course, aren’t all you can expect to encounter. When nuclear scientist Igor heads back into the Chernobyl exclusion zone, he isn’t expecting to find dark force at work, monsters in the woods, and a slim chance of survival to cling to. He is only looking for the fate of his partner. Chernobylite is something of a unique twist on survival horror, blending the real-world scans of the Chernobyl exclusion zone with the darker recesses of human imagination. With multiple updates and a well-received launch, you can win a copy of Chernobylite below. To find out more about what is waiting across Pc, PlayStation, and Xbox, check out the official website 


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