WoW: Dragonflight – Embers of Neltharion Update Goes Live May 2

WoW Dragonflight - Embers of Neltharion Update Goes Live May 2

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has taken to the official site of MMORPG World of Warcraft: Dragonflight to reveal that major update Embers of Neltharion will be launching on May 2nd. Additionally, Dragonflight Season 2 will begin shortly after, on May 9.

Now that players have explored the Forbidden Reach, it’s time to set out to an all-new zone, meet new allies, discover hidden treasures and more.

  • New Zone: Zaralek Caverns – Gather your courage as you venture into this mysterious underground cavern.
  • Cross-Faction Guilds: Players who have been enjoying Cross-Faction Instances now can join the same guild as their opposite-faction friends and benefit from conveniences like shared chat and guild repairs.
  • Fyrrak Assaults: Fyrakk’s forces are gathering resources at Suffusion Camps located in the Azure Span and Ohn’ahran Plains. It’s up to the heroes of Azeroth to disrupt their efforts to lure Fyrakk and his disciples out.
  • Meet New Allies: As the heroes of Azeroth pursue enemies into the dangers of Zaralek Cavern, they are aided by the local inhabitants found under the Dragon Isles — the molefolk known as “Niffen” and the Drogbar.
  • And more…

Once the new Season launches on May 9th, players will be able to gather allies and assault Neltharion’s secret laborator: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. It is the latest raid to be added to World of Warcraft’s roster. It is here that he created the dracthyr and ultimately succumbed to the whispers of the Old Gods and their corruption.

The new Season also brings a new PvP Ladder and gear, seasonal affixes, and new dungeons to the Mythic+ rotation: Brackhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Uldaman, Legacy of Tyr, Neltharus, Freehold (Battle for Azeroth), The Underrot (Battle for Azeroth), Vortex Pinnacle (Cataclysm), and Neltharion’s Lair (Legion).

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