Yar, Matey. Jack Sparrow Sails into Sea of Thieves

Rare has announced that Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean has set sail for Sea of Thieves. A Pirate’s Life is the new in-game event and Sparrow’s arrival marks the start of Season 3 in an “epic crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean”. The update is free for all players across Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam.

SoT – A Pirate’s Life sends players off on a “thrilling original story” where they will join forces with Jack Sparrow to adventure across five Tall Tales. “Players will journey to strange, ethereal realms and dive deep below the waves on their quest to defeat the nefarious Davy Jones, who has pursued Jack to the Sea of Thieves and threatens to destroy the pirate life unless his schemes can be stopped.”

Season 3 brings a host of new content to players as well including:

  • 100 levels of rewards
  • time-limited events to boost Renown
  • wide-ranging sets of Deeds
  • new Tall Tales
  • the real-world extension of Season 3 with the Plunder Pass
    • premium treasures
  • new enemies – Sirens, Phantoms, Ocean Crawlers
  • new items in the Pirate Emporium themed around Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean

Check out the Sea of Thieves official site to learn more.

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