Yes, Your Grace Steam Beta Coming Soon

Management simulators come in all shapes but Yes, Your Grace is about to bring a little class to the genre when it launches a Steam beta on 15 November.

Developed by Brave all Night and published by No More Robots, this kingdom management strategy is a bit of a throw back from more modern games development or wood framing sims. Instead, the RPG management hybrid finds players placed atop a royal plinth and in charge of the common hordes. While the throne room of your dynasty might be guided and triumphant, players will find a queue of petitions in need of assistance.

Lording It Up

As the lord of your domain, you are expected to listen to each scenario and decide on a course of action. This could mean assisting individual families desperate for food or saving resources for the greater good. The consequences of each turn go far further than a single starving orphan. With the fate of an entire nation in the balance, you will be able to make alliances, form pacts, and hire a range of nefarious Ne’er-do-wells to aid your cause. Yes, Your Grace promises a range of stories, all inspired by Slavic folklore and a narrative arc that follows the fates of the folk who darken your royal chamber.

Will you be a great lord of Davern or a foolish king. The hard choices are about to arrie as Yes, Your Grace gets its beta in a few days. Players who think they are fit for the crown can head over to the Steam Store page now and wishlist the title. If you want to wait for the full coronation then No More Robot’s latest is due for a full release sometime in early 2020. We don’t have a price yet but you can check out the trailer above and head over to the official website for more information.


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