No Man’s Sky – The Atlas Has Risen

Talk about 180 turn...
No Man's Sky

As most might know by now, No Man’s Sky has updated with a new patch that has added so much more to the game. Patch 1.3 Atlas Rises has brought new features like missions that can be gotten from stations, improved trading and economies and one thing I’ve personally been hoping for multiplayer.  Along with these new features have come graphic over hauls, UI improvements and more inventory space. Yes, that is right I said more inventory space. Your exosuit now has a specific inventory for technologies and cargo. Your ship also gets a technology inventory space.

Now that’s not all. This update also brings portals and new alien race. I have not run into either yet but I am looking forward to it. Atlas Rises adds more story, new worlds, low flight and let me say I’ve already run my ship into the ground quite a few times.  Crashed Freighters can also now be found on planets. I have not quite explored enough find one myself but also something I’m looking forward to seeing.

In this update also comes a pretty cool feature I have failed to mention before all the others, the “Terrain Manipulator”. The Terrain Manipulator will allow you to as it says manipulate the ground around you. If you see an icon for a cache buried beneath the ground, no longer must you use grenades or just walk by them. You can use the Terrain Manipulator to dig it up. You can even use it for some base customization, which I would really like to try soon once I am able to obtain one.

No Man's Sky

It should also be noted that this update also fixes some bugs that many players may have run into.  If you would curious on the full details of all that was added let me drop you a link Atlas Rises Update.

For me as a long time player a, you can tell from my inventory screenshot, this update has brought a lot to the game that I have hoped and very glad they did bring.  I look forward to seeing what future updates may hold, maybe an improved multiplayer where other players aren’t just lights but maybe silhouettes. I think another expansion on the economy to where your freighter can sell to other players would be good nice too, but with already so many new ways to earn currency that’s is just extra.  I have ideas for where I think they expand on areas but those are just my thoughts.

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  1. Rust? Why?

    • I just collect the rust to sell it. But that is only if I am exploring a planet for a while. If i’m making a pit stop I don’t bother.

  2. You’d also get more benefits if that health module(s) were touching/chained to the Health Support unit.

    • Thank you for telling me this. I did not know that. Now I know my inventory is a mess and I need to clean it up and switch things around.

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