Star Trek Online: Ascension Introduces Emperor Wesley

Star Trek Day continued to drop a bunch of news yesterday with the news that Will Wheaton will return to Trek in Star Trek Online: Ascension

Star Trek Day dropped a ton of awesome information for space faring fans of this long running franchise and those of us who regularly find ourselves battling the Borg in Star Trek Online will have a very different enemy soon. Imagine a despotic Emperor form an alternate universe, with nothing but conquest on his mind. Now, imagine it’s Wesley Crusher. Will Wheaton will return to Trek on 13 September with the launch of the next Star Trek Online Update on PC. Consoles will come later this year.

The news of this came as part of the second Star Trek Day, and while we were busy sharing our thoughts on the upcoming Star Trek Prodigy game, MMORPG players got a look at what’s coming to this long standing wealth of beta cannon. Following on from Stormfall, an additional featured episode, aptly named “Eye of the Storm” will arrive in Ascension, giving players the opportunity to take on the fearsome Emperor, Captain Kill, and more. This represents a serious escalation in tensions with the Mirror Universe, with the Terrans trying to control their version of V’ger, a devastatingly powerful entity that could wreak havoc in Prime space.

This is what happens when you bully a young impressionable child. He grows up in a mirror universe, becomes a despotic emperor, and threatens civilization as we know it. Good job internet.

In addition to this new tale, there will be fully voice acted roles by Mary Wiseman from Discovery, Chase Masterson from Deep Space Nine, as well as a wealth of new content, including a 5-player ground TFO “Storm Chasers” and the new Elite Officer Upgrade System that allows players to upgrade bridge officers.

You can check out the Star Trek Online: Ascension tailer above an find out more on the Star Trek website.

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