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ronin riding across the land - Rise of The Ronin

Team Ninja is back with a brand new action RPG set in historical Japan, called Rise of the Ronin.

Revealed at the State of Play vent, and over on the PlayStation Blog, Rise of the Ronin is both aptly named and an exciting return for Team Ninja. The minds behind the slightly more supernatural Nioh series and the upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, have been preparing through seven years of development we’re soon set to hack our way through a crucial era in Japanese history.

Set at a time of tumultuous change in Japan, this beautiful open-world action RPG puts players in the shoes of a roaming warrior. It’s the end of the 19th century, a time known as Bakumatsu, and the west are just beginning to encroach into Japan. This is a time where civil war rages between two major factions and with no master to guide you, it’s up to players to weave their way between these forces and forge their own destiny.

Alongside stunning backdrops and historical inspiration, the Stat of Play announcement also indicates a combat system that is likely to be unforgiving, if a leaning into some entertaining ideas. There’s definitely swordplay, while the trailer hints at the use of guns, fire, and other environmental objects to cut down foes.

Who those foes are does depend on you. Koei Tecmo has promised a multi layered story that delves into everything about this period in the island nation’s history. Plyers an expect a direct approach to even the uglier side of this era, with characters local and foreign. Each of these brings their own view of the world, Japan, and their distinct bias to the fray. For anybody that decides to become a ronin, this is likely to be a very evocative mix of historical immersion and exciting action as this title arrives on PlayStation 5. To find out more, check out the trailer above or head to the PlayStation Blog now.

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