Ashes of Oahu Dev Blog: The Many Forms of Kai

Ashes of Oahu

Aloha, it’s been a while since our last developer blog, but don’t worry, we’ve been hard at work on Ashes of Oahu. The team has been putting the game through its paces in the QA process, but among the many bugs, we’ve squashed these past few days we still found the time to sneak in a few new forms for Kai. Kai already had the ability to mount a horse to help him traverse the island, but in this blog, we want to show you a few other ways he can navigate also.

Throughout the legends of pre-colonial Hawaii runs a thread of shapeshifting heroes and villains. From the wily kupua to the mysterious mo’o, moving from human form to that of various creatures of the ‘aina is a long-standing show of great mana.

Ashes of Oahu 1

So, tired of walking around on the ground? No problem. One of Kai’s forms allows him to take on the aspect of a hawk. Catching thermals and flying around the island can be quite relaxing, as long as you forget about the Raiders waiting to kill you, and allows you to take in the beautiful countryside. Even though this is a post-apocalyptic setting, there still is some beauty left.

Ashes of Oahu 2

Worried about losing your breath while swimming in the ocean, streams, and bays around Oahu? No problem, now you can turn into a fish. Not just any fish either, long have the bays and waterways of Oahu been guarded and protected by the great mano. If Kai earns favor with the akua, he too will be granted the power to turn into a shark. No need to worry about a pesky breath meter when you have gills. You also won’t have to fret about something higher in the food chain coming along to eat you either.

Ashes of Oahu 3

Can you see it? Turns out the hawk isn’t the only feathered animal that Kai can take the shape of. That yard-bird in the photo is Kai. Sure, it’s not as flashy as a hawk, but sometimes stealth IS the best option. If that’s the case, there is no better way to get to where you want to go in the inconspicuous form of a chicken. Just hope the Raiders aren’t close to a deep fryer….

Ashes of Oahu 4

Not all of Kai’s new forms are for getting around though. when the time comes to bring the fight to the enemy, Kai may bring to bear the power of the legendary guardian mo’o. In this form, he can belch great balls of magma that leave lingering patches of fire, and bite at those that come too near. Who would win man versus beast, lizard versus Raider? Our bets on Kai but you can find out for yourself later this summer.

You can pre-order Ashes of Oahu now and receive access to the upcoming closed beta as well as 3 days early access once the game is released. Be among the first to take to the skies as a hawk, swim the seas as a shark, sneak through enemy camps as a yard bird, and give Raiders a horrible day with flying balls of molten rock as soon as the game launches! 

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