EA Play Recap: Apex Legends Season 2


With season 2 of Apex Legends set to launch by July 2nd, the most recent E3, developer posts and a number of information drops have divulged a ton of juicy revelations about what to expect from the upcoming update, “Battle Charge”. Fred Marcus from Gameasaurus Rex runs through a recap of what we know to look forward to with the upcoming updates.

New hero

First and foremost is the new hero, Wattson. This Legend was designed with the current meta in mind; rushing to any nearby gunfighting that players can hear, to third-party a fight and clear up any survivors and grab their loot. Wattson is able to set up electric fences which deal damage and slow down any enemies that pass through them. The fence also notifies her entire squad when enemies do pass through them. Her ultimate ability is placing a pylon down, which intercepts incoming ordnance such as grenades and missile barrages, and also repairs damaged shields. This ability is also immediately fully charged by Ultimate Accelerants, rather than the ordinary 20% charge granted.


New gun

Along with Wattson, a new gun is being released, named ‘L-Star’. The L-Star is a rare weapon which will only be available in Care Packages. This is an LMG which uses its own type of ammo, capable of blowing open doors. It is also reportedly capable of overheating which will certainly lead to some interesting situations. Interestingly, this is the same weapon that Bloodhound holds in the main log-in screen.

Map updates

Several map updates have been hinted at, and some minor changes have appeared on the current map. Most notably, the two Leviathans in the bay have moved, and nondescript heaps of metal with flags next to them have appeared in various locations.


The recent addition of the Elite Queue was apparently an introduction to the upcoming Ranked Mode. This is reported to have 6 tiers, through which players can grind to become Apex Predators. Matchmaking will try to balance squads of equal skill level based on their rank and at the end of the season, players will get rewards based on the tier they achieved. Ranked mode is arguably of high importance in order to elevate the game to new competitive heights and to solidify its esports presence.

New skins and battle pass changes

Season 2 will introduce a number of new Legendary skins for both heroes and weapons. In addition, we will be receiving more Legendaries from the next season’s battle pass. The battle pass also brings with it a lot of changes to its rewards layout. Three new unannounced content types will be added, and badges, stat trackers and voice lines will be removed from the Premium battle pass ladder and partially replaced with 1200 Crafting Materials, allowing players to craft their favorite Legendary item.


Weapon Changes

A series of balance changes have been announced, but as of yet the specifics remain unknown. All that we know right now is that the developers have said that they want to buff some weaker weapons. Thanks to data-mining we have even become aware of several new loadout changes, including two new hop-ups, a fifth new equipment slot titled ‘Bandolier’, as well as a Legendary Shotgun Bolt and a Legendary Sniper Stock which both provide unique effects. However, only the two unannounced hop-ups have actually been confirmed by the devs, and since the rest has only been datamined, all of this may be subject to change, or may not be released with the battle pass.

Needless to say, we have some interesting and exciting new developments to expect with Apex Legends Season 2, and that’s alongside all possible new updates that have not yet been revealed. There was a lot of interesting EA news from the most recent E3 but the information surrounding Apex Legends has been a particular cause of excitement, in light of the game’s unexpectedly big success this year.

Authored by Fred Marcus

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