Fly Punch Boom Review: Fly, Punch, Repeat

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Fly Punch Boom Review

In most fighting games, hitting your opponent so hard that they crack the entire world in half is usually not an option. In Fly Punch Boom by Jollypunch Games, it’s not only an option, it’s pretty much a guarantee. In a strange mix of anime battling, rock paper scissors, and mimic repetition, Fly Punch Boom manages to create a unique experience, but is it enough to knock you out of the park? Find out with our Fly Punch Boom Switch Review.

Fly Punch Boom Switch Review

If living life in an endless cycle of destruction appeals to you, Fly Punch Boom has more than enough to keep you entertained. Fly Punch Boom (FPB) is a simplistic game in nature, as most of what you’ll be doing is battling it out in single combat, or in doubles matches, against CPU or player controller opponents. The Arcade Mode works similarly to most fighting games, as you make your way through each opponent, hopefully defeating them one after another, earning achievements, and unlocking new things. The simplicity of FPB is both its strength and one of it’s most glaring weaknesses. As a fighter, it requires a fair bit of learning, and despite how easy it is to follow along with what you should be doing, if you don’t learn or understand the battle synergies, you’re assuredly doomed to fail.

After picking a player out of the small cast of crazy characters, you’re thrown into a battle where you fly about the world, confronting your opponents in over the top battles. Confrontations erupt with overpowering punches, swift recoveries and flying debris, all of which are a spectacle to behold, or at least they should be. The reality of the game boils down to the initial combat clashes, where two opponents lock into one another, and a rock paper scissors match ensues. In addition to this equality based combat system, there is also a slide bar that determines how strong your ability is, which is used primarily as a tie breaker.

Fly Punch Boom Switch Review Select

For example, if you were to both attack using the Y button, let’s call that “rock” if your slide bar was closer to the resolution point than the other character, you will beat them more times than not, with close calls often requiring repeated button presses. In some situations it doesn’t matter whether you are smack in the middle of the bars resolution point, if they counter with the paper to your rock, you will lose that altercation. After enough repeated clashes, either you, or your opponent, will break open like a piñata, brightly colored candy and all.

The strangeness of the combat comes in the way that the battles get resolved. While this game doesn’t hinge on fast reflexes in the traditional sense of a fighting game, you are still required to react by pressing the right buttons on your keypad, at the right time. There are situations where, you may not even know what you’re going to be required to press, right away, and you may not even have time to react fast enough to beat a computer opponent, and stop them from putting the hurt on you.  Furthermore, being hit into certain areas of the level can also cause a slide bar with a resolution point to activate, and if you fall outside that bar, you could die instantly. This can happen even if you have a near-full bar of health, though the resolution point on the bar gets smaller the less health you have.

Fly Punch Boom Switch Review Dead

Overall, Fly Punch Boom is an interesting take on the fighting genre, with a combat system that is unique, if not frustrating. In a game like FPB, you can’t really go in with too much of a strategy, as even the best laid plans of how you interact with an opponent may result in them beating you simply by chance. With plenty of battles to be fought and a lot of really silly characters with some crazy special moves, a robust online and local multiplayer, and several unlock options to work towards, FPB will certainly appeal to the right fighting game player, especially those who think they’ve seen it all.

Fly Punch Boom is a unique take on the fighting genre with a host of over the top combat effects, quick reaction button presses, and some zany characters that are quite entertaining. The rock paper scissors battle resolution system may not appeal to players looking for a more skill based fighter, but Fly Punch Boom is definitely a nice diversion that can keep you busy for several hours.
  • Unique combat system
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • Achievement and unlock system
  • Combat revolves around luck at times
  • Fast reactions needed to respond to button prompts
  • May get repetitive after several matches

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