The Best Gaming Device Released in 2019

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Everybody loves handheld gaming devices, and as we draw closer to 2019’s end, we reflect on what the most popular gaming system is and the different consoles. We provide information and our opinions to help guide your choices.

As we come ever closer to the end of 2019, time is ticking away to grab a gaming device before this era is over. With so many entertainments available for everyone, it will be really worth your money to pick up a console soon.

After considering all the advantages and disadvantages of each product in hand, we’ve concluded that Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is undoubtedly our best choice from the great number of different gadgets and electronic reviews estimation. It offers a highly complex and powerful processing unit that can incredibly handle high-fidelity games, plus it supports an enormous library of excellent applications. Simply outstanding!

However, preferences always vary between individuals, and perhaps new handheld game systems are more your thing. We’ve reviewed some best devices this year to help you in making the final decision.

1. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro

We’ve given this our number 1 rating because of its slick features and ability to support so many high-resolution games. It’s definitely Sony’s best console yet and comes with fantastic 4K compatibility. In terms of plug and play devices, this one surpasses others because of its enormous game library available. It’s not a portable gaming system, but it certainly has superb apps!

Handheld Devices 2 - Playstation Gamepad

2. Microsoft’s Xbox One X

This powerful device includes a Blu-ray player and offers high-quality videos. It’s one of those devices that is great for people that want movies and games at the best resolution. The hardware in the Xbox One X is Microsoft’s brand and is highly capable. They weren’t lying when said that this was their most powerful console yet! Its library of games is vast, and although not quite as good as a PS4’s, a highly impressive one nonetheless.


Handheld Devices 2 - Xbox Gaming Console

3. Nintendo and Handheld Gaming Devices: The Switch

Handheld Devices 3 - Nintendo screen

This is one of the best handheld gaming devices 2019 has to offer. If you’re looking for a fully-fledged console experience on the move, then this is your best bet. While it doesn’t have enough horsepower to support 4K games, Nintendo’s library available is certainly impressive, and their games are fun for everybody. This is a great device for youngsters who may not have enough skills to operate a PS4. While this handheld game emulator certainly can’t do what the consoles above can, the Switch is certainly the best choice for those who want to play anywhere.

Wrap Up

With a whole world of choice available in 2019, it’s a great idea to pick up the one before they’re not available. Whether or not you are a serious gamer, some of these devices will prove to be a lot of fun. Enjoy making a well-informed purchase!

Did you like our article? Are there any devices you think we’ve missed out? We’d love to hear more. Please send us your comments below.

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Jake Lester has over 15 years’ experience working in America’s gaming industry. His favorite games are fantasy and strategy. Jake went on to become a significant player in this sphere until retiring to pursue a more relaxed life. Fair enough because it’s a tough world out there.

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