The Top Ten of Twitch 2017

Best of twitch 2017

2017 has been a milestone year for Twitch, as the Twitch Affiliate program launched in April, lighting social media feeds on purple fire. Since adding categories like the Creative channel in 2015 or IRL in 2016, Twitch has become an entertainment mecca for the whole family. Taking this into context making a top ten list is fairly straightforward, naming who is number one is not because they all give so much for different reasons. So who has the friendliest communities? Without further ado and in alphabetical order. Our Best of Twitch 2017…


Has become the go-to health & fitness guru on Twitch with his “Gains & Games” bodybuilding hype! Starting off in World of Warcraft he also became the face of Blade & Soul. Returning to the #Wowesports team this year @Bajheera fuels his loyal following with brotein-styled positive vibes. Fully supported by his longtime partner and now his wife @Warcraftjen it’s also more fuel on top of all the fuel watching them support each other doing what they love!

Cohh’s passion for games is second to none, supported by his ability to play a new game almost daily, well. Let me bold that “well” because that there is a tough game to play all on its own, as anyone who plays multiple games knows. @CohhCarnage streams are like pulling up a chair in Cohh’s house as his wife @LainaCarnage and the latest, cutest addition to their family Roen -along with the multitude of furbabies pop in now and then to say hello. Encouraging family-friendly gaming with a massive focus on development and co-op style interaction Cohh’s recent attempt at also developing a game may not have succeeded due to costs but earned him loads of respect on how far he will go to love games which brings me to another reason Cohh is one of the best Twitch streamers – ever. Have you noticed his Twitch layout changes with every game? That, folks is pure class.

Dexbonus & Strippin
I’m putting these two together because they are the coolest Twitch couple out there! @Dodger/Dexbonus brings straightforward humor to all kinds of games that is a load of fun to watch. On top of this, she has also launched her own coffee line @dodgercoffee LIVING THE DREAM! @Strippin also has a similar approach to gaming with a focus lately on Virtual Reality. Instagram loves him! Together they are a powerhouse of pixels and pun initiative also on Youtube that really feels like its only beginning, though they have been around forever!

Not only is @Djtech a partner of but he is climbing the Twitch ranks in the most hard-working, friendly ways placing his voice – that is becoming a fast favorite for many – on stage this year at Twitchcon. His thoughts as an avid comic book fan who would love to see more black superhero’s and how he includes everyone into these thoughts are his strongest asset. He is one of the most inclusive, supportive people (not just streamer) out there cheering on his colleagues and community with gratitude. As a variety streamer, his style of gameplay enjoyably makes way for mistakes which he commentates well supported by his own genuine super talent as an artist.

There is no denying how much of an impact @Drdisrespect has had on the Twitch community with his ingenious persona and the levels he took it too in 2017. Dominating awards and becoming the face of Twitch, the “Slick Daddy Club” has been an absolute positive force to reckon with creating an encouraging empire built on speed, momentum, and violence. Everyone here at Gamespace and wishes him and his family all the best for the future.

Founded by gaming entrepreneur Felicia Day G&S is the frankest and well-rounded look at “geekdom” in all its personable, colorful glory. It’s like a Broadway meets Stranger Things without the “upside down,” capturing your imagination in the most friendly yet confronting of ways if you aren’t a Dungeons and Dragons player, let alone a board game player like myself. Geek and Sundry celebrates expression via iconic people, shows, games and artistry including writing offering it all a center stage for all their fans, that then become their fans. I have learned more watching this stream about many facets of fandom than I have from Wikipedia or Google but whats most outstanding is how much of a well-oiled machine this co-operative collaboration is as hundreds appear to be ensuring @GeekandSundry content which is incredibly mind-blowing all on its own!

Yes he works for Twitch as a 2D Artist which makes his stream even more fascinating as you get a window into what his work day includes along with his social life filled with fine “whiskeying” and dining. To be fair everyone who passes his stream especially when he’s streaming from the office, fall in love with the view but it’s not long until you are also enjoying just chilling to tunes and watching the creative process. @GeersArt is a scholar and a gentleman with tentacle tenancies that acknowledges everyone who chats in his chat like a champion.

Juggling the life of a big country city-goer, from a small town in New Zealand @Loriipops gives not only every small country girl but every gamer hope they have a place in such a massive international market. Her gameplay style, as well as her interaction, is very focused and she has one of the most positive communities on Twitch taking the challenges of not only a long distance relationship but now as a newborn mother with her son Leon. For all you parents/dancers out there you might also enjoy her contribution to the Baby Mama challenge when nominated!.

Variety streaming is indeed very popular but so are streamers/streams that focus on one game. Who could remain relevant and engaging year after year outside World of Warcraft/Minecraft that have almost cult followings? @Quickybaby can as a World of Tanks legend bringing his followers on-point commentary, WoT’s knowledge, and consistent gameplay almost daily. His mix of focused and a little dry sense of humor is part of his United Kingdom charm and it is always excellent value when you find him hosting World of Tanks esports.


Goes to the Twitch community members out there who support streamers, being positive and passionate about them regardless of the games they play or the personal circumstances that may befall them.


BobRoss – because its freaking Bob Ross!
littlesiha – best birthday present clip of the year highlighting most accurately how generous streamers are with their time plus precious ways they are often thanked!
omgitsfirefoxx – for ROCKing the fanny pack!


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Here’s looking forward to another year of awesome Twitch updates, streamers and streams in 2018!

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