MineCon EARTH Set For September 29th

Minecraft lovers have no fear, for MineCon, the yearly virtual Minecraft show, will be streaming worldwide September 29th. The show will be hosted by the brand director of Mojang, Lydia Winters as well as five community content hosts that have yet to be determined. Community content hosts will be revealed later in April via Twitter. MINCON Earth will share news and sneak peaks of upcoming Minecraft releases. There will also be panels where the community will be able to get involved and ask questions about various Minecraft related subjects. Specific topics can be submitted as conversation pieces on

And finally, what would any kind of Minecraft convention be like without a costume contest! Minecraft will again be hosting a costume contest as part of MINECON Earth where the winners will have a chance to be a part of the live show. Ready to get into all the Minecraft action? Players can watch the MINECON Earth broadcast for free via all of Minecraft’s official channels, including, YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, and Facebook. Minecraft will also be hosting global viewing parties to enable a fun and shared MINECON Earth experience.

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