Anno 1800

Anno 1800 Showed New Content At Gamescom 2019

Anno 1800 Showed New Content At Gamescom 2019

Blue Byte and Ubisoft have participated in the Gamescom 2019 opening ceremony by introducing a new trailer dedicated to the economical strategy Anno 1800. The video is focused on the new content comin...

Anno 1800 Review: Is It Just Another City Builder?

I have fond memories growing up playing City Builders such as the Caesar series, IV being my favorite, Sim City, and an another all-time favorite series, Pharaoh. Spending hundreds of hours on each ga...

8 Great

Ubisoft Releases Anno 1800 Accolades Trailer

In anticipation of the release of Ubisoft’s newest entry into the city-building genre, Anno 1800, an accolades trailer has been released, highlighting the high praise received from a broad selec...

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