ARK: Genesis

ark genesis part II

David Tennant and Madeleine Maddie Add Their Accents To Ark: Genesis Part II

The new story-heavy direction for Ark: Survival Evolved just added a brand new trailer and a couple of familiar faces to Ark: Genesis: Part II. Doctor Who fans might not see much of the shapeshifting ...

Ark: Genesis Season Pass

Ark: Genesis Season Pass – Part One Review on Steam

Ark: Genesis Season Pass has released part one of the DLC which introduces missions to Ark Survival Evolved delivered to you in the form of a new companion HLN-A. Your survivor is teleported into the ...

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ARK: Genesis

ARK fans raise $91k for charity & learn more about ARK: Genesis

During a special charity fundraising event last weekend, Studio Wildcard developers were on hand streaming ARK: Survival Evolved. Thanks to generous players and fans, the company brought in over $91,0...

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