Twitch Falls Under Growing Criticism

The popular streaming platform Twitch has become the home of some of the biggest content creators in the world and has a huge influence over gaming as a whole – a successful release for a new title ca...


PUBG is salty at Fortnite for its Battle Royale Game Mode

It seems Bluehole and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds don’t like a little (and we mean probably little) competition. Today they released a statement about the forthcoming free game mode for ...

Destiny 2 PC review - Internet Destiny 2 shaders console Open Beta - No Plans for Destiny 2 on Switch

Luke Smith Weighs in on Destiny 2’s Shader Brouhaha

If you’re not following the latest “raging riot” in the online gaming world, here’s a recap. In Destiny 1, shaders (color swatches to apply to your character’s gear) were...

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