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Diablo 3 - Season 24 Ethereal Memory Preview Blog Post

Diablo 3 – Season 24 Ethereal Memory Preview Blog Post

The developers from Blizzard are once again welcoming players to hell! Season 24 is coming to aRPG Diablo 3 on July 23rd. The company has taken to the official site to share the official preview of wh...

Diablo 3

Next Diablo 3 Update Will Overhaul Companions

The Diablo 3 PTR has been updated with the first iteration on the next seasonal update to the game. The 2.7.0 patch will officially open for players to try out starting Thursday, February 25th, and wi...

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 to Celebrate Its Birthday with The Darkening of Tristram Event

It’s been 24 years since the launch of the original Diablo game and Blizzard is getting ready to celebrate the momentous anniversary starting January 3rd. Beginning on that date, The Darkening o...

Diablo 3 Season 21 - Trials of Tempests Begins July 3

Diablo 3 Season 21 – Trials of Tempests Begins July 3

The latest season for Diablo 3, Season 21 Trials of Tempests, will begin on July 3rd shortly after a new patch. North America – 5:00pm PDT Europe – 5:00pm CEST Asia – 5:00pm KST Wait...

Diablo 3 Season 20

Diablo 3: Season 20 & new class sets

Don’t believe the naysayers when they tell you that Diablo 3 is dead developmentally as the world waits for the arrival of Diablo 4. In a pair of new posts on the official site, we’ve lear...


Blizzard offering 50% off Diablo 3, Starcraft, WoW & more

Blizzard has revealed the deep discounts it is offering fans and players in celebration of the annual shopping glut Americans call “Black Friday”. Buyers can get some great deals on all of...

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is now part of Blizzard’s “classic games” queue

It appears that 2012’s Diablo 3 is now considered a “classic” game at Blizzard Entertainment. The news comes from a listing on the company’s official site that seeks a Senior S...

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 “Season of the Triune” to begin August 23rd

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the next Diablo 3 seasonal event will kick off on August 23rd. Building on the team’s promise to keep seasons refreshing, Season 18 is called the Season...

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