Comic Review – The World of Aluna #1

Not the Next Biggest JRPG
World of Aluna review

It might sound like the title of the next biggest JRPG game but in fact The World of Aluna is an eight-issue digital comic co-created by Colombian American film and television actress Paula Garcés (Clockstoppers, The Harold and Kumar Series, CSI: Miami, and The Shield). This is our review of The World of Aluna Issue #1 comic book.

Paula, and co-creator Antonio Hernandez, along with a list of team members, brings us the first issue of the newly rebooted Aluna comic book series which saw this first issue, of eight, unveiled this summer at the San Diego Comic Con as a special edition with much fanfare.

Aluna is a female character that has history, and a following, as far back as 2011. The character became so popular that she became a hero in the online MOBA game, Heroes of Newerth. Since then the team has been working on developing this eight-book reboot series that will delve deeper into Aluna’s origin.

The Story

The first issue of this origin series is set in Colombia in the 1500s. Issue #1 kicks off with Francisco Cortes, a conquistador, stumbling upon a ritual in the jungles of South America where he meets the powerful Goddess – Pachamama. Years later, back in Spain, Cortes gives his daughter, young Aluna, a strange green gem necklace that he got from “The New World”. At the time Aluna is a daughter of etiquette who is struggling to find her place in the world.

The Goods

The issue has a plethora of writing talent behind it with writers that have video game story credits to their name including Ryan Galletta (Batman: Arkham Origins), Dooma Wendschuh and Corey May (Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood).

The art in this issue is bright, the colors are vivid while the penciling is crisp and more traditional versus some of the newer post-modern paint brush techniques used in other comic book titles. The twenty-two-page story flows well, leaves a lot of questions open and seems to be over oh too quickly. This first issue acts more as a teaser for what is coming in the next seven issues. For newcomers to the series, like myself, it’s not clear from this issue who this Aluna is, what she’s about to become and what crusade she’s about to go on. Perhaps that’s a genius way to get us to buy the remaining issues. Nevertheless, for an independent comic book this a strong offering.

Score: 7 / 10

  • Beginnings of a strong female character
  • Sharp, colorful art
  • It’s over all too quickly
  • Given the era, sometimes feels like a history lesson


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