3 tips to help beat gaming addiction

Gaming Addiction

There’s no dearth of quality mobile games today. Many of them are in fact installed millions of times on different devices each year. These are some of the most addictive games for mobile platforms. While people might not agree, it remains a fact that gaming addiction is slowly taking over their lives. In fact, research was carried out by Divorce Online which revealed that 15% of all divorces happen because of gaming addiction.

Recognizing this fact, many gaming jurisdictions in the world have started creating programs to prevent such addiction. Particularly in the case of online casino gaming, the UK Gambling Commission has something known as Gamstop that enables gamers to self-exclude themselves from all UKGC licensed casinos for a specific time period. Although you can still go ahead and play at non-Gamstop casinos, for example, a well-known website https://bestuk.casino/not-on-gamstop/, it is still a step in a positive direction and works as a deterrent for many. Let’s now acquaint you with some tips that can help you beat gaming addiction.

Record your time

Create a record of the time you spend playing video games each week. If you find yourself playing videogames for more than 24 hours per week, you can call yourself a true gaming addict. Think of it as one complete day taken out of the week, 3 days of 8 hour sleeps or watching 16 football matches! All these figures might help you put things into perspective and realize all the things you could be doing in the time spent gaming.

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Look around and take stock of your friends

It’s not without reason that experts are worried about losing a whole generation to videogames. You should look around and see if your friends are virtual or real? In the case of gaming addicts, the ratio of virtual to real friends normally drops dramatically in favor of the former. Put on an episode of Friends and you will soon start craving human contact that often goes missing in online games. There’s nothing wrong with these games, it’s only when you get addicted that the things start moving south.

Get hold of cheat codes

In the same vein as the last piece of advice, you should head online and look for the best cheat codes for the game you are addicted to. Be it some cheat code to increase your maximum money limit in CS:GO or to instantly heal and revive in PUBG, using such codes is a guaranteed method of breaking your gaming addiction. The idea is to no longer have any challenges in the game. The quicker it happens, the easier will it be for the game to become boring for you.

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  1. I am not sure the cheat codes part is actually true I would need to see data BUT in my own experience using cheat codes is a great way for me to get to the things that I do find challenging quicker. Take for example Sims 4 – loads of cheat codes approved by the developer as well as a healthy encouragement of mod use.

    I am no less addicted, it sits on my second screen 24/7.

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