8-Bit Armies – The Pixels of War Cometh

The refinery is built Commander, and the barracks are now producing troops to fight the Renegades. Please build more power plants, power is low. Our base is under attack, all forces repel the intruders. What craziness is this? The headquarters have been damaged beyond repair, and we have lost our foothold in this area. This is our review of 8-Bit Armies.

Developed and produced by Petroglyph Games, comes a Real-Time Strategy game about two warring factions, the Renegades, and the Alliance. This game is a throwback to the old Command and Conquer style of games, which is a blast from my past. 8-bit armies give you everything your heart desires in a base-building, army building, and destroy your enemy game. Will you fight for the Renegades or the Alliance in this all-out wargame?

8-Bit Armies gameplay is pretty straightforward, and I played it on the Xbox One. For console it is pretty simple to play as all of your building controls are set to LB or RB. You are able to scroll through your menus with your left trigger and right trigger buttons. When you go to build up your forces they are assigned to X, Y, or B buttons. Once you have your army built, launch out and attack and destroy all enemy forces, and finish off their headquarters quickly. Remember, to build up your base and your armies you will need to collect resources around the map. So get out there and build a refinery and start collecting.

As you progress through the campaign mode you will be able to build more and more units and base buildings, like factories to build vehicles like tanks, and other higher level units. There are pieces of the environment that are destructible as well, which allows you to go all-out in your game. This game is super simple to learn, and you can play it without any previous RTS gameplay knowledge or experience. The game offers a variety of options to get you started on your journey as well. There are offline single-player campaigns, two-player co-op missions, AI Skirmish mode, and player against player mode.

The initial release of this game brings quite a bit for players to go through as well. There are 25 offline campaign missions between the Renegades and the Alliance, you are also given 12 co-op missions, 10 multiplayer maps with support for up to 8 players, and you can also choose how difficult the AI is going to be when you fight them. If this wasn’t enough, and you couldn’t remember where you heard this companies name before, they are the creators of Star Wars: Empire at War, one of the best Star Wars RTS out there today.

8-Bit Armies was not a title I have heard of before, but I will definitely be playing it more. If you want a game that is easy to learn, easy to play and brings you back to your childhood, then this is the game for you. Coming in at $29.99 USD for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and $14.99 USD on Steam, you don’t have to spend much to have a lot of fun.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Xbox One with a code provided by PR.

Overall, 8-Bit Armies is a game that deserves your attention, and it will be getting a lot of attention from my son and me in future days and weeks. For the low price you can’t go wrong, and with how easy it is to learn you can have hours of fun by yourself or with some friends.
  • Easy to learn
  • Lots of units to build
  • Many options for gaming
  • Lack of story-based campaign
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