Albion Online – Lands Awakened Patch 4 is Here

Albion Online - Lands Awakened Patch 4 is Here

Sandbox Interactive is proud to announce that Albion Online Patch 4 is here, and it brings along a variety of important quality-of-life improvements, extensive combat balance changes, adjustments to Static Dungeon mobs and more.

Additionally, the patch brings the largest combat balance update since Lands Awakened launched. Certain combat systems, such as Resilience, AoE Escalation, Crowd Control and Diminishing Returns – have been adjusted. Some changes have been made to weapons and armors such as the Cursed Staff and Cleric Robe in order to keep their gameplay fair and competitive.

Albion Online – Patch 4 QoL improvements include:

  • Party markers now persist when changing zones
  • An overhead message displays when the effects of food expire
  • Silver piles now behave like loot bags with their visual effects, no longer showing the “rising particle” effect until lootable
  • Certain visuals in Royal Cities have been reworked and improved, in line with the reworked biomes that came with the Lands Awakened update
  • And much more…

Other changes and improvements include new Loadouts and Wardrobe buttons being added to the Player Inventory Screen, “Appearance” menu now opens to Wardrobe by default, players can now use “escape dungeon” while in active combat, Energy Surge Season statue furniture items are now placeable and more.


Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG set in an open medieval fantasy world. The game features a player-driven economy where nearly every item is player-crafted. Combine armor pieces and weapons suited to your playstyle in a unique, classless “you are what you wear” system. Explore the world, take on other adventurers in thrilling battles, conquer territories, and build a home.

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