Arma 3 to Receive a Massive Vietnam Campaign DLC

Arma 3

The Arma 3 Steam page has announced that the will be getting an update soon that brings a huge Vietnam campaign into the game. The DLC is called S.O.G. Prairie Fire and it is being developed by an external team over at Savage Game Design. It is essentially a stand-alone “game-within-a-game” campaign that includes a narrated single-player component as well as multiplayer cooperative missions. All of the action will take place on a massive (300 km/2) open-world battlefield that includes air bases, cities, towns, rivers, jungles, and everything one would expect from the setting.

As with all things related to A3, the realism and historical accuracy of the DLC will be paramount. This includes:

  • authentic hardware
  • genuine tactics and mechanics
  • unique uniforms and weapons for the US Army, Army of the Republic of Vietnam, People’s Army of Vietnam, and Viet Cong

Check out the Arma 3 Steam page to learn more.

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